Sunday, September 30, 2012

Embarking On My Mission Statement

Softball has been my first love, ever since I first stepped onto the field at the age 
of nine. Most kids waste their time with one sport or another, but not me. The field 
is where I feel the most alive. The field is my second home, I have made amazing 
friends through softball. My happiest memories are from on the field and in the 

My 1st Grand Slam

I always knew I wanted to play college ball, but this year my desire and interest 
became much more intense.  This summer, I spent endless hours at the computer 
researching colleges, career interests and of course softball programs. I 
identified the Universities that match my interests, and  I will be relentlessly  
pursuing. If your a coach reading this, you can expect to hear from me on a regular 

At fourteen years old, this is pretty heavy stuff, but I'm 110% committed to my 
goals and believe in myself. I know that it is going to take a lot of hard work, 
commitment and sacrifice. I decided the only way that I will reach my goal, is 
to define my own personal mission statement,

"It is my mission to become the student athlete that you dream of coaching" 

Quick Update

My 2012/2013 season has started and I'm super pumped up about my new
team, the16U Arizona Hotshots. I think that I have two of the best coaches in
the State; Ashley Muenz and Annie Lockwood both are NCAA National 
Champions from Arizona State University.


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