Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Work Out Your Not Doing - Bench Pressing For Your Brain

As an athlete with college dreams, I'm constantly training to improve every aspect of my game. This is what my weekly schedule looks like. I believe most athletes that want to play college ball are training
as hard as I do.

Weekly Workout Schedule
  • Monday & Wednesday     Strength Train/ Legs & Arms/ Jump Rope
  • Tuesday & Thursday         2 Mile Run/ 10-40 Yard Sprints/ Bleacher Runs/ Ladders
  • Thursday                           1 Hr. Defensive Private Lesson - Cages
  • Friday                                1 Hr. Offensive Private Lesson
  • Batting Drills                      Every Morning 15 Minutes
  • Saturday & Sunday            Games or Team Practice
Study    Study      Study      Study      Study     Study    Study   Study     Study   Study 

The Truth Makes You Better

My Coach is pretty hardcore, and I love her for it she pushes me beyond my limit, all the time. I have so much respect for my Coach; Who by the way, was a NCAA Division 1 2008 National Champion with Arizona State University -- Fear the Fork!!

About a month ago, my coach told me the following . . . "As a batter, YOUR MENTALLY WEAK".
I went home that night and was really bummed out, what a reality check! I started to think about
what she said. To be honest, I never gave any thought about my mental strength. I'm focused on my batting and fielding mechanics and improving my speed.

My Coach was right, sometimes when I got up to the plate, I doubted myself. I was over thinking my mechanics. This is a true confession . . .  I hoped that I would get walked.  This is a real problem, and
I needed to figure out how to fix it and become a mental beast!

Read This 

Per my Coaches recommendation, I just started reading this book, and so far, I cannot put it down.
Here is the link where you can buy Mental Toughness totally worth the money. A great book to re-read every once in awhile..

Do This 

Swagger Sessions . . . what the heck is a swagger session? Spend 10 minutes everyday in front of your mirror, pretend like you are in a game, and at bat.  Act over the top confident. I mean be obnoxious, be the girl you would hate to pitch against. Your body language, your stance, your swing and your mind screams "Pitch me that ball and I'm going to Rip It"

Yes this is awkward. The first few times you will feel silly and uncomfortable but trust me, it's worth it. Your whole attitude will change the next time your at the plate. Last weekend, I played in a tournament and not once did I hope to be walked. All I thought about was ripping the ball! and   guess what I smashed the ball all weekend and it felt great!

Believe This

The #1 Principe to mental strength is believing in yourself.  You have to have faith in yourself, be your number one fan, know that you can achieve anything you put your mind too.. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't!!  This clip really sums it up . . . YOU WANT SOMETHING. GO GET IT. PERIOD!

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