Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We Need Your Hearts & Thumbs 24 Hr Tweet A Thon

My Mom reconnected with her college friend, Jennifer after 14 years.  Jennifer may have changed 
my life forever! I'm sure, I looked like a deer in headlights, as Jen shared the graphic story of her 
battle with drug addiction, how the grace of God saved her from addiction and her passion to break 
the cycle of poverty for the women and children of Arusha, Tanzania. There are 1000's of children living in the streets, these kids are homeless. Single parent homes are the norm because of rampant HIV/Aids, rape and physical abuse.


My 10 Bucks Makes A Differences!
More important then my ten bucks is my commitment TO BE THE CHANGE! I have a voice and
if your listening, hopefully you are moved to help. Please share this story with others, if you can make 
a donation great, every bit helps. This video is amazing I have watched it again & again.

24 Hour Tweet & Facebook-A-Thon 
Monday, March 4th starts 7am - Monday, March 5th ends 7am 
Every tweet, every like of our facebook page, every donation and every pair of sandals sold increases the awareness of Shining a Light and helps the women and their families who are in our "Women to Work" program.  Be the change, we can help break the cycle of poverty by offering a hand up.  

Here is How You Can Help

Like & Share our (links are in white) Shining a Light Facebook Page ask your facebook friends to help spread awareness and promote our 24 Hour Twitter & Facebook-A-Thon.

Follow . . . Copy & Paste These Tweets on March 4th & March 5th
Follow us @ShiningaLightTZ

24 Hr Tweetathon $10 Changes Lives of Women & Kids Donate Today #ShiningaLight  Please RT 

24 Hr Tweetathon Buy A Pair of Sandals With A Soul A Hand Up #ShiningaLight Please RT

24 Hr Tweetathon Every Dollar Helps Be The Change Empower Women #ShiningaLight Please RT


Go to Shining a Light to make a donation or buy a pair of their hand-beaded sandals.

                      Thank you for your time, your love and your generiousity!


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