Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's A Long Road . . .Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

To be honest I've had writers block for the past couple of 
weeks. I want to write about stuff that you can relate to. Their 
are 1000's of you, just like me who are working to earn your 
college dream. It's a long road, so how do you keep your eyes 
on the prize and your passion burning strong?


Keeping your eyes on the prize can be tough when you are 
chasing down a long term goal. It is easy to get off track, 
loose your passion, change your mind or worst case give up!

Top 10 Ways To Reach Your Long Term Goals

 1.  Write your goal down and put it everywhere
 2.  Believe it, live it, chase it down, own it
 3.  Surround yourself with others who share your goal
 4.  Talk about your goals with family and friends
 5.  Keep a log or a personal journal
 6.  Think short term - today, this week, next game
 7.  Avoid burnout - have fun and take breaks
 8.  Always expect more from yourself 
 9.  Don't be too proud - ask for help
10. Inspire others

You Can Never Have Enough Friends

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