Monday, March 24, 2014

Random Rants From 3rd Base

It has been awhile since my last blog post . . . between homework, studying, practice, games and trying to have a personal life I tend to get a little busy and then of course I struggle with what to write about.

Don't let my sweet smile fool you, I'm one lean, mean, softball machine. Today I'm gonna share what 
is going through my mind when I'm playing . . . cuz why not!

I'm warning you that I do not have a PG brain when I'm playing ball, I'm on the field to win . . . so you can bet that in my head I'm "talking trash" I'm loving it when I tag you out, or when I run pass the base you are supposed to be protecting and when I send you back to the dugout with your head hung low! You better believe that it is personal. . .we are not petting kittens or coloring rainbows we are playing softball sometimes it gets shitty and that is just how it is, and at the end of the day I'm not here to make friends I'm hear to win!

       "I dare you to play the short game . . . it will be your quickest way back to the dugout"

                          "Thank you Kobata . . . she will NEVER get that extra step again"

                   "My Friday nights at the cage are about to pay off you better back the eff up!"

 "Whatever you got . . . I'm crushing it as hard as I can, right at you" 

Girls are expected to be sweet and nice. I know what I'm thinking on the field is not socially acceptable but this is who I am, it's how I'm wired. I play with a lot of passion and I personally believe it's what makes me a better player.  

Don't confuse my mental toughness with poor sportsmanship - I will be the first one to admit if someone out played me or congratulate the winning team! 


Unknown said...

love the drive keep hungry and u r gonna do great. softball or like my Don plays, baseball both only have 1 competitor and when you look in the mirror you can find it! keep kikin ass as u say sometimes its not pg. God gives all things but not freely. think about it!

Unknown said...

son not Don lol #gohardorgohome

Unknown said...

so true Dwayne always trying to be myself!