Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Love Of Softball

A few months ago my friend @MorganSmith_27 inspired me to chase down a softball coaching opportunity that I wanted. I sent an email right away to our Little League and after overcoming some obstacles (under 18) they finally made an exception. Now I'm the Jr. Coach of SWAT, Softball With Attitude Team.  The girls are eleven and twelve years old, they are eager to learn and as you can tell by this picture they have fun!

I absolutely love working with these girls to teach them the fundamentals, how to be aggressive players and hopefully I'm inspiring them to love the game!  I expected coaching would be all about them . . . boy was I wrong! I'm learning more about myself and I really love spending time with these girls!  

It is so rewarding when a player makes progress, executes on a new play or even something as small as the basics of how to properly throw a ball.  

My heart is fuller and my love for softball continues to grow!

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