Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Softball Sisters & Friends For Life

Playing on a softball team teaches you so many life lessons. I learn something new every day.
In the past, I thought of my teammates as my "softball friends", boy was that silly!

A Few Of My Sisters At Batting Practice
At home, I have one brother and we are best friends. However, I grew up not having a sister. This year,
I was blessed to get 12 sisters, they are all amazing, super-talented, hard working, funny and smart.

The possibilities are endless when your team comes together like a family. I know this, because our
team is a family. We have experienced wins and losses, laughter and tears. We have earned moments
of greatness and moments we wish we could forget. I know these girls so well, I can tell if someone is just having an off day, or is something is really wrong. I will be there for them no matter what, and I know they have my back.

This year is less about me and more about "WE". It's critical to make sacrifices, to put my teammates first and to play as hard as I can for the "WE". Because we are a family and that is what you do for the ones you care for.  The sooner you realize that this thing called a team, is really your family, the better you will all become as individuals and as a team.

Softball is what brought us all together, and it's that bond that will keep us together even when we go our separate ways. When life progresses and we move on to play college ball,  it will be our bond of friendship that will always keep us close.

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