Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lessons Learned From UNLV Camp

The one thing I really wanted for Christmas was to attend the UNLV elite camp and I'm thrilled that my parents made my wish come true.  College camps are always fun but the UNLV coaches and the girls who attended really made the camp an amazing experience.

I recognize what an important opportunity it is to showcase myself as a potential future Rebel. I was
determined to play smarter, run faster and hit harder than everyone else. What happened was so much
better . . .  I had a blast, made new friends, and was so, in the moment from start to finish.  I never forgot what was at stake but because I focused on my love of the game, I played better. Over the three day camp I learned a lot. Here are the most valuable lessons that I learned.

Have a Great Attitude and Have Fun

These two go hand in hand, so in my mind they are the same thing. The game of softball is fast, if you
make an error you need to shake it off immediately and focus on making the next play. Let's say you
have a bad at bat (it happens) when you get in the dugout redirect that frustration by rallying for your
team. Your attitude will determine how you perform. Someone told me this a long time ago and it is
so true. "Boys need to win to have fun and girls need to have fun to win." From my own experiences
I find that when I'm having fun, I usually play better and when my entire team is having fun, we are
usually winning.

Be Coachable

Your performance as a player will be so much better, if you listen to your coaches. We all make mistakes but it is important that mistakes are opportunities for you to improve, not to be repeated. When a coach tells you to do something, never question it, just do it!  If you’re like me and want to reach your fullest potential, then listen to your coach, they know what will make you better. Get stoked that your coach is showing you the way and know that they want you to be the best you can be.

90% of the Game is Mentality

You must believe in yourself to succeed in anything. Your mental strength is the most important muscle of your softball game.  When you step up to the plate you must be confident. Are you thinking oh jeez that pitcher is better than me? Or do you know you’re gonna smash that ball to the fence? Believe in yourself  and you will be great.  I recommend that you read this book Mental Toughness you can also read a blog that I wrote "The Workout Your Not Doing - Bench Pressing For Your Brain" about how to become mentally strong.

Say No to Big Hair Bows

Let's be honest, I cannot take you seriously as a softball player when your bow to head ratio is off kilter. Nothing good will come from an excessively large bow . . . Just say no to the bow!

My 2 Cents - On Becoming The 1%

Many high school students dream of becoming a college athlete but the reality is only 1% of all
college students are collegiate athletes. I plan on being the 1% and chances are, if your reading
this you have the same dream.  I'm happy to share with you how I plan on becoming the 1%. . .
I'm fearlessly chasing my dreams, pursuing my goals with conviction and gusto. I hit the books
as hard as I hit the field. Everyday I push past my comfort zone and chase after my goals like
their is no tomorrow. I know with 100% certainty that in 2016 I will reach my goal of attending
a college, as a student-athlete.

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