Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Softball Leaders Who Inspire Me on Twitter

To be honest I joined twitter to connect with college coaches and promote my blog. I never expected the support and out reach from so many successful softball leaders, coaches and people who genuinely want me to succeed. Twitter makes me feel more connected to my dreams. I get to see the bigger picture, as I follow the tweets of Olympic champions, college players, professional athletes and coaches. 

Today I celebrate these softball leaders. Most of these people have become friends, advisers and even advocates to help me reach my goal of becoming a collegiate softball player. Some may not even know I exist and think I'm a twitter stalker, and that's okay. What matters is that they inspire me to work smarter, train harder and dream bigger. 

Amanda thank you for finding value in my opinions and for making time to get to know me. Your passion to inspire and empower young athletes is contagious. Your ambition and drive for success, has taught me to dream really big.

Nate thank you for being my #1 supporter. You have become a friend and an advocate. You keep me focused on reaching my goals and staying positive. When  I make it big, free tickets for you!

Jennie thanks for taking the time to read and share my blogs, to reach out to me and offer your support. Your kindness makes me feel like my goals are within reach.

Crystl you make me feel like I belong to the community of softball greatness, you have no idea how cool that is! I'm impressed by how humble and down to earth, you are.  You always tweet me back and offer words advice and that means a lot to me, thanks.

Cat, I bet you have no idea who I am and that's okay. I love your blog and have followed your career since I was 10. Your softball and academic achievements make me drool. Congrats on being inducted to the softball Hall of Fame.

Coach Brandon thanks for always reaching out to see how I'm doing. Offering to evaluate my swing and really caring about my success. Your support keeps me working hard.

If your not following me, please follow me now! The bigger my softball circle the better, you are a community of selflessness and caring leaders and all of you, make me a better player.  I believe in me and my goals but your support and guidance is that magic element that inspires me to continue to push beyond my comfort zone and to relentlessly chase greatness. 

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